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Product description

Alilo Explorer – Interactive, intelligent Robot for Children

Interactive Robot

Meet Alilo Explorer - the interactive, intelligent robot for kids.

Explorer is a technologically advanced product based on the S.T.E.A.M. education concept (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics). Through its focus on problem solving, logical thinking, and creativity, the robot appeals to the children's scientific mind.

Create your own paths
Programming Alilo Explorer is possible in multiple ways:
  • Program and save directly on the robot.
  • Program by laying a path from the 25 included puzzle cards that feature tasks and conditions (the manual contains suggestions for different levels of complexity)
  • Program on your phone using the included iPhone App (now available on the app store), then transmit the data to Explorer via Bluetooth.
A treasure trove of good

Benefits during pre-school and elementary school

Kids can manually record a path, arrange a path from the 25 included puzzle tiles, or use the free app with its 4 modes. In addition, Explorer can be controlled manually as well as from the app, thus enabling children from all ages to learn.

Early Language Learning

Explorer has simple messages and songs preloaded in English, thus introducing the English language in a fun and stress-free environment.


Due to its pre-loaded, carefully selected content, Explorer also serves as an audio player with great entertainment value.


Explorer's facial expressions (via its display) and voice promts convey emotional states, teaching children to be empathetic. Go ahead, gently shake the robot and see how it reacts.

Environmentally friendly

Charge Explorer's built-in battery with the included USB calbe, making it not only a convenient and hassle-free toy for long play sessions, but also environmentally friendly.

High Quality Loudspeaker

The built-in loudspeaker produces a brilliantly clear and present sound.

Durabilty and Safety

Only certified, safe materials are used to build Explorer, making it perfectly safe for playing. In addition, due to its extremely durable ABS plastic, Explorer absorbs shocks of up to 30 times in strength, compared to conventional plastic.
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