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Alilo Teethers – Set with 8 Grasping Toys – Box Included

Grasping Toys
Alilo Teethers - 8 carefully selected motives - made from environmentally friendly ABS - safe to chew - the perfect choice for birthdays or baby showers!
Early Childhood Development
The different shapes, colours and rattle sounds help the baby to develop fine motor skills, perception and hand-eye-coordination.
Always hygienic
Alilo Teethers are very easy to disinfect: Just put into 60°-80° water for 1-2 minutes. No risk of deformation or colour fading.
Take them with you!
Due to the included storage box, the teethers can be taken anywhere in an organized and hygienic way.
Content: 8 Alilo Teethers / Grasping Toys, each with its own shape and sound, plus a handy storage box.
Made with Love! Alilo Funny Bag loves taking a bath at 30° in the washing machine.
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