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Alilo® Magnetic Block Set ‘Expressions’ – Creativity Booster: Unlimited Possibilities & Shapes – Construction Set

Idea. Implementation. No detours.
We are proud to present to you Alilo's new construction system: Our Alilo Magnetic Blocks have been developed especially for children.

Your imagination decides
Create new shapes

Discover our newest set "Expressions"! Each block is equipped with its own magnet. This way, your youngest can not only stack them, but instead build complex shapes. This creates endless possibilities.

Architect of your own creations
Architect of your own creations: Alilo's Magnetic Blocks are versatile and colourful. While the set "Expressions" focuses on faces and emotions, the set "Stack & Count" features lots of numbers, math symbols and shapes. Perfect for early childhood development!

Build whatever you like
Infinite Creativity
17 Blocks, 7 Plates, 4 Triangles, 4 Quarter Circles, 2 Rounded Arcs, 3 Cylinders, 2 Rounded Shapes and 1 Chassis - Build whatever you like! You will soon discover how your children pursue their own ideas - there are no bounds to their creativity!

40 Blocks Set
An Overview

Construction Set "Expressions" with 40 unique blocks. The blocks can be built into endless different shapes (see product images for just some of the examples). Each block is equipped with its own magnet.

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